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Covid 19 Policies

Our hotels are open and Cremonahotels is ready to welcome you!

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency, we have recognised the need for a change and have taken new measures to make your stay safe and at the same time comfortable.

We are closely following the announcements of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and the Italian Istituto Superiore della Sanità regarding cases of the new COVID-19 and are complying with the directives of these agencies and local health authorities.

The health of our guests and employees is of primary importance to us. Super Green pass is controlled at all guests / person that enter into the hotels

We are doing everything we can to ensure your safety on the go and give you the maximum flexibility in the changing circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Breakfast buffet is set up with all anti Covid-19 protections and social distancing is mandatory. Foods, hot and cold drinks will be delivered by our staff.

Furthermore, at the Hotel Continental, you will be able to enjoy lunch and dinner given the presence of a restaurant on the terrace and the pizzeria at the ground floor. In addition, if you want to have a dinner in the room, the restaurant on the terrace “Al Quarto” also performs room delivery service.


Cancellation policies
In response to the current evolution of the market, we have decided to change the cancellation policies to ensure the most complete flexibility for our customers:

It’s possible to cancel all reservation until 24 hour before arrival without penalties

Warning: these terms do not apply to group bookings. Those who have made reservations within groups are asked to contact our groups office through the following email:


Our commitment to ensure health and hygiene
Cremonahotels has developed a new cleaning and sanitation procedure in relation to the new protocols to avoid the transmission of COVID-19.

The adoption of new technologies for cleaning our hotels allows a complete sterilization of the rooms. Cremonahotels uses an ozone-based environmental sanitization machine to disinfect the air.

In addition, daily cleaning will be carried out through the use of disinfectants with the highest classification recommended by the different international and national agencies for the treatment of known pathogens.

In the coming months, when checking in at a Cremonahotels hotel, guests will notice various additions to the company’s cleaning regime, designed specifically to ensure an even higher standard of hotel hygiene. There are several areas where changes have been made:

· Surfaces: in addition to already rigorous cleaning protocols, it is required by the company that surfaces of common spaces must be treated with disinfectants for hospital use with more frequency. In guest rooms, in addition to the usual already meticulous and detailed cleaning practices, Cremonahotels has arranged the complete sanitization of all surfaces with disinfectants for hospital use.

· Contact with and between clients: to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission through person-to-person contact, in the lobby of its hotels Cremonahotels will use signage to remind guests to maintain social distance protocols and will remove or reorganize the furniture to ensure more space. The company has added separators at the reception to provide guests and employees with an extra layer of protection in addition to the personal protections provided to employees (masks and disinfectant). Hotels will have multiple hand sanitation dispensers: near entrances and receptions, near elevators, fitness areas and meeting spaces.

Safe distance in our breakfast room and meeting rooms are observed.

· Food security: in our facilities, food managers and supervisors are trained in safe practices for food preparation and catering services. Self-inspection is required for activities affecting food and beverages, using food safety standards as guidelines.